breast pumps are not being rented at this time

We are now offering limited in-person consults in our new Edison office. 

To make an appointment, please call 732.395.7896

Long before COVID-19, we began offering video consults over our secure patient electronic healthcare record platform and are well-practiced in the nuances of this form of telemedicine. We are able to work with you to solve problems such as a painful latch, slow weight gain, pumping challenges, and low milk supply. We can also utilize videos and pictures to assess for tethered oral tissue ad other structural problems.  In most cases, these consults are covered by commercial insurance plans. this time. Please check with your specific plan to confirm the details. We can provide you with some insurance codes upon request.

The following are recommendations for how to best prepare for a telehealth lactation consult.

We suggest that you make sure you have good lighting for the consult and a comfortable place to feed the baby.  Having another person there to assist with the phone/camera is very helpful as we may ask you to take videos of the baby's mouth and your positioning.  Obviously, we won't be able to use our highly sensitive scales to determine pre- and post-feed weights. However, if you have rent or own a scale we can guide you on how to do this.  The virtual consult is approx 60 minutes. Please complete the intake forms beforehand so we can focus on addressing the issues at hand. You will receive a care plan after the consultation.